Atlas Grey Ribbed Short Set

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Dive into the epitome of comfort and style with our new & improved ribbed short set! Designed to be the star of any little wardrobe, this set is all about celebrating the casual, the cute, and the irresistibly comfy.

Available in two of our neutral staples, oatmeal and coconut milk, this outfit is a nod to a timeless set while ensuring your young ones are always photo-ready. The ribbed texture gives it that extra touch of sophistication, making it an instant favorite for both spontaneous playdates and relaxed home days.

This set is crafted from 100% cotton, ensuring that softness isn't just a feel but a promise. Featuring a delicately ribbed t-shirt paired with matching shorts, it's the go-to outfit for any sunny day or cozy evening. Effortlessly chic and endlessly comfortable - our ribbed short set truly embodies what it means to dress up with care and flair.


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